Brand Loyalty Awards 2019

The Editor Prize Best Loyalty Innovation has been assigned, in accordance with the jury, to H&A Europe for the H&A Awards Platform.
H&A Awards has proved to be the most innovative tool at European level for the management of loyalty campaigns on the B2B market. It consists of a high performance platform able to manage the “point” from its first creation, through the data extracted from the CRM system, up to its use on the e-commerce. The platform is offered in 23 languages, can handle an unlimited number of users and it is an exclusive patent of the H&A Group. The participants to the H&A Awards loyalty programmes can redeem their points on the biggest prize catalogue of Europe. 150.000 items for each of the main European countries. The catalogue is available in 10 languages with daily updates and local suppliers and shipment managed locally.
The H&A Vouchers are available to complete the loyalty program, these vouchers can be distributed as gift to all participants in the 10 European countries and then spent on each local catalogue. H&A Europe with its Petronas Awards project also won the First Prize in the category Miscellaneous, which included B2B Project, Mobile Project, CSR Project and Others.

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